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The Fast and the Format-less
This section looks at the performance issues of the three DVD recording standards.

The DVD+ standards (both DVD+R and DVD+RW) used to have faster writing speeds, and at 2.4x, this amounts to 3,324 KB/s. However, the new Pioneer A05 drive now adds 4x burning for DVD-R and 2x burning for DVD-RW (2x burning is equivalent to 18x CD burning). To put it into perspective, 2x writing, or 2,770 KB/s will mean that for writing to a full 4.7 GB DVD, a 2.4x drive will be some 5 minutes faster than a 2x drive. Burning a full 4.7 GB DVD will take around 25 minutes for a 2.4x drive. A 4x drive will burn the full 4.7 GB in about 15 minutes. Note that a 4x DVD+R drive will be released in Q1 2003.

Raw burning speed is not the only factor when it comes to performance though. DVD+RW design ensures shorter lead-in and lead-out times - this will mean it takes shorter to finalise than DVD-RW media. Formatting for DVD-RM or DVD+RW media can be done on-the-fly, although some older software for DVD-RW may not support this feature.

CLV and CAV Burning :

There are also two different recording methods, CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) and CAV (Constant Angular Velocity). CLV is mainly used in streaming video applications where high transfer speed is required. CAV has better random access times, and hence better for computer storage/applications.

DVD-R/RW uses CLV, which makes them good for DVD-Video applications. DVD+R/RW can use both CLV and CAV.

DVD-RAM uses Zoned CLV, which is a combination of CLV and CAV and similar to how a hard-disk works.

CD Burning :

CD burning speeds for DVD recorders are usually slower than compared to dedicated CD burners. However, CD burning speeds are already at super fast speeds (48X!!), and differences in speed can now be measured in terms of seconds, rather than minutes.

Comparison Table :

Burning Speed
Burning Time (full 4.7 GB) Burning Method
DVD-R 4x 15 Minutes CLV
DVD-RW 2x 30 Minutes CLV
DVD+R 2.4x 25 Minutes CLV and CAV
DVD+RW 2.4x 25 Minutes CLV and CAV
DVD-RAM 2x 30 Minutes Zoned CLV



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