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DVD is the hottest thing to hit consumers, well, ever. Consumers are snatching up DVD movies like "Shrek" in record numbers, and even moribund TV series like "Twin Peaks" and "M*A*S*H" are finding new life as DVDs. Home DVD players are selling at a faster rate than the radio, Internet or even television was adopted. Virtually all new computers come with a DVD drive allowing tens of millions of consumers the ability to play DVDs on a computer. But the biggest change is yet to come. 2002 is the year a number of manufacturers have, or will, release DVD burners, allowing consumers the ability to make their own DVDs with a computer for the first time ever. However, intrepid DVD creators should proceed with caution. DVD is a new technology and not all devices support the same standard. In fact, there are a number of competing formats for making your own DVDs making it possible that the DVD you create on your computer may not play in your living room. This article will arm you with the information you need to know to keep that from happening. But pay close attention, in a moment the acronyms are going to start flying around like a box of nails caught in a tornado.

The easiest way to understand the subtleties of DVD technology is to divide the discussion into 3 parts: application formats, writable formats and DVD drives.



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