Page 1 of 5: Using Nero Burning ROM 6.x - Burning a DVD

Software you will need:

Nero Burning ROM

Now the version of Nero I was using when I made this guide is a older version, so it may look different from your version but, the general steps are the same. Please don't be confused if my screen shots look different from what you have. Its too much work to re-do a guide everytime a new version comes out. Good Luck!

1. First start up Nero.

2. After Nero starts up, you should have the main Nero screen in the background (red), and the "New Compilation" in the front (blue) . (If you don't, just click "File" then "New".) (Screen Shot Below)

3. On the top left hand side of the "New Compilation" window, it should say "DVD" in the drop down box. If it doesn't, simply click the down arrow and choose "DVD" from the choices (red). (Will be only "CD" or "DVD"). (Screen Shot Below)

4. Next on the left hand side, under the drop down box you selected "DVD" or "CD", there will be some different icons to choose from. You want to click "DVD-Video" (red) . (Screen Shot Below)

5. After clicking "DVD-Video", 6 tabs should appear at the top of the "New Compilation" window. (Screen Shot Below)



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