Page 3 of 8: Recording NTSC Video to DVD-R

You may have a different experience with this software, particularly real time MPEG2 software. For me, the only workable solution that produced very good quality video and consistent burnable DVD-R's is given here.

The WinTV PVR is a hardware MPEG2 encoder card that produces very good quality video output in a format that can be used by Ulead DVD Movie Factory to produce burnable DVD-R's. The price of this card is only $180 (on line, street or EBAY) and can be compared to the usual price of $500 to $5000 for production quality hardware encoders. It also does not include any commercial software packages as do other, more expensive, products. Since the encoding is performed in real time, on the card, the hardware requirements of the PC are modest, except for disc space. The hard disc write rate is less than 500K per second. I may typically write a file of 2.5 to 3.5 Gigabytes for a TV movie with resultant DVD files in the VOB format of one GIG each plus the final, small VOB file. The total captured MPEG files and the VOB files are very similar in size and the audio is MP2 format. The DOS file limit is 4.0 GIG and this also pushes the DVD-R limit. An MPG of 2.5 GIG will require About 5.5 GIG’s of space on the drive where the \VIDEO_TS directory where the VOB’s are kept. The VOB’s do not stress the DOS file limit since each VOB is no larger than one GIG. Windows 2000 NTFS has no file size limit.



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