Page 5 of 8: Recording NTSC Video to DVD-R

For WinTV2000, use the configuration button and choose 640X480. Then choose the MPEG tab. Choose Full D1 4.0 Megabit/sec CBR (Constant Bit Rate). This will result in one Gigabyte MPEG files for each 30-35 minutes of video, similar to professional DVD. Since the capture size is less than 720X480, the compression is somewhat less than the typical 35:1 used professionally. The quality is also different. Since the Win TV driver has no adjustment for color, brightness, hue or saturation, you can purchase an inexpensive Video Analogue Processor on Ebay if necessary.

Ulead DVD Movie Factory is inexpensive ($45.00) and works beautifully. Use the DVD Author selection and add your MPG files from the capture drive. You can combine more than one MPG file but sometimes an error is produced during DVD production. I choose to create a DVD folder and burn it after the folder (\video_ts) tests out OK. You can test \video_ts using PowerDVD in the hard disk mode or by using WinDVD if \VIDEO_TS is on the root of a hard drive. The \video_ts is moved over a home network to a burner. I use Prassi PrimoDVD and a Pioneer DVR-A03 burner to burn \VIDEO_TS as a data disc with no other files on the disc. discs work fine. The resultant disks can be played in many settop players or use computer software or hardware player. I have had good luck with PowerDVD, WinDVD and an inexpensive Samsung settop player. These disks are playable on more machines and settop players than those created with the DVD rip and IFOEdit conversion methods (see my article “Additional info, etc on



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