Page 6 of 8: Recording NTSC Video to DVD-R

A specific problem related to when the software indicated capture was taking place, but the files abruptly stopped being written after a few minutes. When checking the Win PVR PCI utility, the Video Base address could not be found! Closing the WinTV2000 App and resetting the hardware (through this utility) works. In general, you will know immediately when the video hardware address cannot be found since a message box is displayed.

I use a Pentium III 500 with VIA chipset and Windows 98. I changed whatever video settings were available for my ATI AGP card with 8 MB memory until I determined that the key was in reducing desktop screen area to 640X480, identical to the capture setting. WinTV requires at least 16 bit color and the screen area must be raised to 800X600 only for the Ulead program. Changing to an old S3 PCI video card with 4MB memory resulted in a different memory address in the utility and the resolution could be raised to 800X600. Windows has the drivers in its database for “Old legacy video” cards.

On an Athlon machine with Windows 2000 and a GeoForce II card, the program would run fine with 24 bit color and 640X480. Before installing the Via Drivers, however, the Win2000 App would lock the computer.



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