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It is important, however, to realize that the WinTV 2000 app initially starts up in overlay mode which is not supported well on a GeoForce card in Windows 2000. Use the Hauppage Primary application to choose either Primary or DibDraw mode. Run this program before starting the WinTV 2000 application. I have not tried this program with Windows XP.

When WinTV starts, it searches for the base video address and will give an error such as “unspecified error” immediately if there is a problem. Close the app, make certain that you are not in overlay mode, and use the WinTV PCI utility to reset the hardware. It should then work. The 640X480 screen size was also helpful. As a last resort, use an old PCI video card. Switching cards is a lot faster than reinstalling drivers and taking the risks of numerous reboots, especially in Windows 2000 or XP. All of my experiments with software and this card resulted in more than one reinstallation of Windows 2000!

Since then the system has operated quite well. I have transferred over a dozen 90 minute videotapes.
Consult this link for more information:
If there are problems, the new drivers should correct them and hopefully Hauppage will continue to improve their drivers and applications. You can also speak to a support representative in New York.



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