Page 4 of 8: Recording NTSC Video to DVD-R

I have used the superb text DVD Demystified by Jim Taylor who explains that software encoders and decoders must use less accurate methods to accomplish their encoding tasks since they work with limited computer resources. Fewer P (predictive) frames, or B (bidirectional) are used. This is no doubt the case with the WinTV system.

There is some hesitation regarding the recommendation of this card since there have been numerous hardware and software problems with it (as with other many other products). The latest drivers for the WinTV PVR( are on the Win9x support page and the beta driver has solved many conflicts with specific motherboards (mine use VIA chipsets but Intel BX chipsets are also fine). Installing the VIA 4in1 drivers (also on is usually helpful.

The NTSC video source should be passed through a $30 Video Stabilizer box (available on the Net or EBAY) to eliminate Macrovision and instabilities and then to the Hauppage card S-video In through the provided adapter. The stereo sound is passed through a 1/8" male plug to the Hauppage card and an adapter cable carries it from the card to your sound card line in. Don’t expect to hear sound until the application starts. Carefully adjust your input volume-from VCR or cable box— to avoid audio clipping. The encoding process will not produce clipping or artifacts.



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